About Us

Furniture you’ll love to live with.

Family owned and operated- Pina take’s care of the entire process from designing, manufacturing, importing and shipping to all ports in Australia. We work with all fields in the building, hospitality and styling industries to design Indoor and Outdoor Furniture for Commercial fit-outs for Restaurants, Resorts, Apartments, Hotels, Bars and Private Homes etc.  

Our collections are a combination of hand made modern, contemporary and tropical indoor and outdoor furniture designs. We pride ourselves on our meticulous and exacting standards. With 16 years of experience within the industry, combined with our knowledge of the furniture export business, we efficiently deliver quality and competitively priced products.

Our business methodology is based around an eco-friendly sustainable manufacturing ethos. We only use certified Government plantation A grade teak and reclaimed timbers and recycled materials as much as possible in manufacturing and wrapping.